Remedial sports massage

What's included?

This is where your therapist will discuss your needs and treatment to suit you. Any injuries will be discussed at this stage.

where necessary, special attention will be given to an injured area, using massage and pain reduction techniques to best suit you.

Different massage techniques are used whether it be for an injury, a conditioning treatment or just relaxation and increases muscle flexibility.

 Where necessary, time will be spent on a painful area using techniques to reduce pain and start the healing process. 

Whilst your muscle tissue is warm and flexible it is perfect time to perform a stretch. MET progressive stretching is used where the muscle is slightly contracted, ensuring maximum flexibility and reduces the risk of repeat injury and muscle strains.

After the treatment your therapist will discuss how it went and how you feel. Any rehabilitation exercises and the most suitable treatment plan will be decided.

The main benefits

  1. 1
    Pain Reduction

    Various pain reduction techniques are used here if you have an injury or painful areas.

  2. 2
    Reduces muscle soreness & stiffness

    Blood circulation creating a warming effect is achieved with massage and stretching and the breaking down of scar tissue

  3. 3
    Injury prevention

    Remedial sports massage therapy will reduce the risk of future injury by keeping muscle tissue flexible in a healthy state.

  4. 4
    Improves flexibility

    Muscle tissue becomes more flexible and stretching is an important part of Remedial sports massage therapy

  5. 5
    Helps re-habilitation

     Massage in itself is a form of rehab, post massage stretches and exercises are also advised as part of a rehabilitation program

  6. 6
    Increases Relaxation, physically and mentally

     Massage is a powerful tool to relax and de-stress by creating a warming effect increasing blood circulation.

  7. 7
    Improves blood circulation

     The ‘pumping’ effect of massage improves blood circulation and provides oxygenated blood to a much needed injury site.

  8. 8
    Improves physical performance

     Remedial massage therapy improves flexibility, strength and breaks down scar tissue, in turn reducing the risk of injury.

  9. 9
    Can help Lymphatic drainage

    Massage can help to kickstart the disposal of waste products and toxins from muscle tissue as it becomes more permeable, into the lymphatic drainage system. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment.

  10. 10
    Psychological improvement – makes you feel good!

     The feeling of increased well being is acheived with pain relief and a warming effect creating a positive psychological effect.

  11. 11
    Energy boosting

     A feeling of increased energy can be achieved especially after muscle soreness and pain is reduced, where muscle tissue is more conditioned for use.

  12. 12
    Pre, Inter and Post Event treatments are extremely beneficial.

    If participating in any event, massage can be an extremely powerful tool as part of a warm up, during an event to maintain warmth and flexibilty and as a post warm down muscle soreness and waste product removal treatment.